Cassa attiva QSC KLA12 - Sistema Line Array a 2 vie attivo  biamplificato 1000 watt
500 W x 500 W power module
Rugged, ABS enclosure delivers light-weight durability
SOLO™ Rigging System supports deployment without tools or external hardware
Ar-Q™ Frequency Optimization quickly tunes the array with the click of a dial, adjusting for the appropriate number of boxes
10:1 design factor supports arrays of up to 480 lbs. (218 kg) 5 x KLA12 and 2 x KLA181
90° x 18° nominal coverage (requires only five boxes to configure a 90° x 90° array)
High power, 12” low frequency driver provides extension down to 44Hz without subwoofers
Extensive DSP further enhances and protects performance
1.75” diaphragm compression driver delivers clear and powerful high-frequency reproduction
powerCON® Input and Thru connections
Tilt-Direct™ pole mount assists directivity in single-unit applications


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